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Historia del CREMC

History of CREMC
Resources Center for Mathematics and Science
Dr. Luz M. Rivera

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     The CREMC (Resource Center for Mathematics and Science) was developed in 1992 as a service consortium between the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus and Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus, presented by Dr. Luz M. Rivera . The project was funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) project was “Comprehensive Regional Centers for Minorities” until 1994.

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     CREMC was created with the propose of facilitating in-service training to mathematics and science teachers and provide references and resources for students preparing to be teachers.

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     During the two years of the project funded by NSF, Dr. Luz. M. Rivera, Ponce project coordinator, Professor Pablo Rivera and Professor Lourdes Díaz, offered workshops to hundreds of teachers in schools in the southern region of the island.

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     During 1997 to 1998, CREMC participated in another service consortium with the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus. This project was funded by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico with the objective of offering in-service training in technology applied to mathematics and science teaching.  Through the coordination of Dr. Rivera, 63 workshops were offered to teachers, an equivalent of 157 hours to 561 teachers (repeated counting) and a 30 workshop hour’s summer camp for teachers.  This project ended in October, 1998.    


     In 1997 students from the education program together with the student tutors formed the CREMC Society.  The Society’s propose was the coordination of conferences and workshops for future teachers.

     During the year 1997, the CREMC website was created with the help and design of Melissa Murrias, a mathematics tutor, at the time.  Together with Dr. Rivera the website was developed and won first priced in the Webpage Competition, in the Professional Category, at Inter American University in March, 2001.

     With a Title V grant won by the Campus in 2002, under the direction of Dr. Ray Petty and coordination of Prof.  Hector W. Colón Rosa  the basic skills laboratories are unified and a website is created The CREMC website becomes the official resource area for the mathematics and science component of the skills laboratory

       Recognizing the need for a website for freshman students, Dr. Rivera together with a group of faculty and computer students in 2001 develop the ideas and the components for the page with is published in 2002 This page becomes the first step to a Freshman Experience Project submitted by Dr. Rivera and approved by IRB in 2006.

     In October 2003 the Ponce Campus wins a MSEIP grant of the US Department of Education of submitted by Dr. Rivera titled “Model Science Improvement Project”. Under the grant the project developed modules for a the majority of the topics included in freshman mathematics courses and pre-calculus, reference modules, a new design for the portal and a number of publications.

     In June 2005 under the auspice of the MSEIP project the first edition of the virtual journal for research in mathematics, science and technology Revista 360º is published. The journal invites educators and investigators to present their research, theoretic reflections and original educational practices in article form, with the purpose of encouraging the dissemination of research in mathematics, science and the integration of technology in the educational environment. The second issue was published in April of 2006.

     With the idea of providing a resources for children, parents and teachers to encourage reading in and out of the classroom, in 2006 the website Carpeta Mágica (Magic Carpet) is published containing stories and activities for the teaching and learning mathematics developed by graduate students and faculty members. We invite those interested to submit their work for the pleasure of elementary level audience.


CREMC – Resource Center for Mathematics and Science pursues to:


Provide a resource site for mathematics and science teaching and learning.


Serve as a resource materials and ideas for future mathematics and science teachers.


Facilitate the exchange of ideas among students and teachers.


Provide a resource site for information about scholarships and internships.


Promote investigation in Mathematics and Science Education by providing a virtual forum by means of the journal Revista 360.


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